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Treco has a customer portfolio with a high diversity of customer sectors, many sectors and many different quality expectations. However, this diverse customer portfolio has another very important expectation other than price and quality expectations; short deadlines…

This expectation is effective in designing all main processes at Treco, as well as forcing all auxiliary and support processes into compliance. Production sub-processes, from order taking to packaging, are designed in accordance with the production speed and short deadline expectations.


Treco ensures that orders are shipped on time, which is the most important element of customer expectations; in total  It carries out its activities with 4 lines consisting of Banbury-Mil-Bach Off, which it actively uses, with a capacity of 1400 tonnes/month.


In order to ensure traceability of production; With the number given when entering the order into the accounting program we use, it can be followed from weighing to final control tests, and it is shipped to our customers with the same lot number.

Traceability is also provided on the international platform by making entries in the International Material Data System (IMDS).


With the production program we use, the quality of the mixture is guaranteed without leaving it to the operator's initiative, from weighing to the mixing process.

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