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Treco serves a wide range of customers and sectors with quality expectations on a wide scale from automotive to textile, furniture to machinery, sealing elements to medical, and construction to food. Regardless of molding methods (injection, transfer, compression, extrusion, extrusion, air tunnel, autoclave), Treco produces technical rubber compounds for all kinds of quality expectations.


In 2002, Treco started its activities by importing rubber raw materials in Bursa. Treco has continued its activities in the sector selling various rubber raw materials and rubber-metal adhesives. Treco has become a well-known and sought-after company with the support provides to customers on technical issues.


In 2008, the company partially ended the import/sale of raw materials moved to its new location in Çalı / BURSA region, and started rubber compounding by investing in a new Banbury mixer.


In 2010, with the 2nd new line investment, Treco moved to its new location with 4050 m² open and 3200 m² closed area in the NOSAB industrial zone and continued its growth by increasing its production every year after this date.


In 2014, the company structure with three partners was changed and a single-partner structure was formed.


In 2016, the capacity increased to 800 tons/month with a new line investment. Treco Kauçuk mainly produces rubber compound mixtures for the automotive industry. Treco develops technical compounds with NR/BR/SBR content and dynamic working properties.


In July 2017, the company moved to Görükle Industrial Zone with a total area of 3865 m² and a closed area of approximately 3326 m².


In 2020, Treco had an investment for two more lines first one consisting of Pomini VIC95, Troester mill, and Prodicon batch-off. The second one is HF GK190E, Rodolfo Comorio Mill, and VMI MHD III full-automized with a pallet stacker.


With the new Mesnac calender line investment in 2023, Treco started to meet the calendered compound needs of especially air spring manufacturers in 2024.


Finally, with the new Rodolfo Comerio textile cord calender investment, which is planned to start operations in the first quarter of 2025, Treco aims to continue its uninterrupted growth and investment steps without slowing down, aiming to meet the needs of customers completely and in the best quality with its cord fabric coating capability.


To be the most reliable solution point that meets all the needs of the customers with its quality products and competitive approach in technical compound production.


To be the most important supporter of our customers in their competition in international markets with world-class equipment and know-how

Quality policy

  To be a leading company in the country by developing the technical compounds demanded by customers through R&D activities, producing them at the specified standards, always shipping them on time, providing pre-sales and after-sales technical support, and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level,


- To complete each project on time, with the most appropriate techniques, in full compliance with the project, in the desired quality, and within budget limits,


- By following technological developments, reflecting these developments to R&D studies and investments and thus becoming able to meet the future needs of our customers,


- To process the most appropriate, most accurate, and most economical solutions in the fastest way and to prevent any nonconformities that may arise later in production,


- Implementing a lean, flow-oriented approach in all our processes and identifying preventive approaches to improve our performance by reviewing our processes through a self-assessment process,


- To provide the necessary working environment for all employees to become more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level, and to continuously raise the level of quality with our employees acting with quality awareness in every activity,


Leaving an environment and OHS culture that will provide a better quality of life to future generations by ensuring continuous protection and continuous improvement of the Environment and OHS is an important part of our company policies regarding Environment and OHS.


· We are committed to continuously improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and creativity of the quality management system by fully implementing the requirements of the Quality Management System.

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