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Treco produces in very fast takt times as it receives orders with short deadlines. For this reason, Treco has developed its laboratory to perform full-time quality control and to respond to customer expectations.


In order to confirm the production of compounds to meet the expectations of its customers and to ensure sustainability, Treco has developed a laboratory team and a laboratory team capable of performing vulcanization character (rheometer) tests of rubber mixtures, viscosity (mooney and scorch) tests, compression set tests, hardness-density measurements, physical properties of the material (tensile, tear, elongation, stiffness, hysteresis, etc.) tests. It guarantees its quality with its laboratory team and its equipment (3 rheometers, 3 ovens, 1 elongation at break device, 1 digital Shoremeter, 2 sample presses, 1 moisture analyzer, 1 density kit) capable of performing tests.

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